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Name of an east Indian spice. If you want a more traditional spin from Greece there are names like Aurelia Daphne and Melania.

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A common Greek name which means good.

Greek names for girls. 23092020 Chloe appeared in Greek mythology as an alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility Demeter. One of the Greek legend a variation of the Greek word Moirai meaning fate. Katerina is one of the most popular Greek girl names.

The name means a body of water Read. It is derived from Ekaterini the Greek version of Catherine. Xanthia is a feminine form of Xanthe Greek.

04042020 Tiffany means manifestation of God. 53 rows When talking about Greek baby names Apollo Alexander Aphrodite and Trojan are. Abbreviation of the name Zeus meaning a host or a guest.

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The name is derived from the Greek word pertho which means to destroy. Zena Born of Zeus. Ancient Greek Female Names Greek Community Mons Aventinus - The Aventine Hill Fandom.

05022021 Greek mythology inspires many baby names and so does Ancient Greece the birthplace of modern democracy philosophy medicine the Olympics and so much more. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. This was the the best 100 Greek Girl Names list from our name experts selected after considering popularity and trends from social security administration and thorough web research in Greek names databases.

Newborn babies are the incredible gift of God to every parent. 53 rows Phoenician - Lord. Norse Mythology Baby Names 50.

She was referred to as Chloe in the spring months due to the names relation to sprouts and growth. One who is loving caring protective affectionate kind nuturing and dependable. 17122019 There is a variety of good Greek girl names out there.

Well-known Greek names such as Peter Socrates and Zeus are strong and powerful while Aphrodite Angelina and Olympia are beautiful and heavenly. Xanthe Yellow Fair hair. This name has an elegant and aristocratic feel to it.

You can consider modern Greek names such as Helen Catherine or Alexis. A variant transcription of Greek name Adonia. Perseus was a hero in the Greek legend.

Greek Mythology Baby Names For Girls 1. The name Tiffany is a very classy and trendy name for girls and is of Greek origin. 11032015 Okeanos was the Titan who personified the body of water in Greek mythology.

76 rows Ancient Greek. Vasiliki is a feminine form of Vasilis which means queen. The commander of Greek warriors in the Trojan war.

Meaning lady the queen of Sparta. Unique Greek girl names currently in style include Anastasia Anthea Calypso Cassia Dorothea Eulalia Ione Lyra and Phoebe. Greece is very much famous for its historical culture fashion food and baby girl names.

Jason and the Argonauts of Greek were helped by her meaning cunning. 06052020 Baby girl names popular in Greece include Konstantina Katerina Dimitra and Anna. Alessandra Protector of humanity.

But there are so many other Greek girl names worth consideration from Acacia to Zephyrine that the entire list bears a closer look. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Many great novelists saints and celebrities are named Agatha.

By using Belly Ballot you accept our use of cookies. Chloe is also mentioned in the New Testament as the name of a Greek Christian woman. Amethyst Protected from intoxication.

A handsome young man loved by aphrodite in mythology. 30122020 If you are looking for some ancient greek girl names based on greek mythology and its name meaning this article will help you inspire some creative Greek Girl Names that will relate to Greeces culture.

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