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I want to get a Holland lop and I found one we might get and it looks like a tiger. Aine a Celtic word meaning fire and vibrancy reflecting the fiery colors of a Tigers fur.

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In Hindi Simba Blaze and Saber.

Tiger names. 30092019 160 Names For A Tiger. 16062020 Baby Tiger Names. Here are some beautiful names to take inspiration from.

Ade royal in Afrikaans perfect for a noble powerful cat. Pawla a punny name of Paula Nahal from animated series Shimmer and Shine Kali energetic African Rayas stripes Spanish Alani orange blossom tree Hawaiian. In Hindi Sangha Noble.

Whether it is the Caspian tiger Bengal tiger or Siberia tiger we have a good collection of amazing names for tigers. Tigerlover on December 31 2018. When choosing a name for your tiger you have to select a name that you will be comfortable telling to other people.

Names that sound like Tiger. But you also have to consider if youre looking for a male tiger name or a female tiger name. Although i do have a pet tiger cub named Cloudy white tiger and Tora orange tiger teen i got the names from here.

Bryan The name is of an English origin which means Noble. Here is a comprehensive list of the best tiger names you can get ideas from and love when searching for the perfect name for your pet. 05092020 Bob A cute name for a tiger Famed Bright.

We have a great compilation of top tiger names which will befit your tigers breed personality or a moniker of famous tigers. Milne the author of Winnie-The-Pooh. Brady An Irish surname meansSpirited.

11072014 These are great names. Tigger was a creation of AA. Finding the Right Name for Your Tiger Striped Cat.

Boy Names That Mean Tiger. 21012020 What are good names for tigers. You can also keep cool tiger names that exude a sense of fierceness awe and power.

Shere Khan Richard Parker. Mayah on February 08 2019. SomeOne on January 24 2019.

Suggested male tiger names include Stripes Neptune Zeus Nero Octavius Bombay Burma Nepal Sahib Rama which means King Ramu Ravi Sun. Maya Other suggestions are Scarlet Alba Trixie. 14092020 If your favorite fictional tiger is missing dont be salty- just add it to the list so that other people can vote for for it too.

In HIndi Shiva a Hindu god Shardui Tiger. Famous Tiger Cat Names. 26012021 Best Tiger Names.

04082015 What Are Some Male Tiger Names. While Tony the Tiger is the mascot for Kelloggs Frosted Flakes cereal. Tiggra Clairese Tigers Quest Varya The Lion Guard and Raja Tiger Trouble are also famous tiger names or Play Again to restart.

04082015 Famous fictional tigers include Tigger Tony the Tiger Shere Khan and Tigress from the movie Kung Fu Panda. Skin of a Goat. From our list of 500 tiger names the best tiger names are Tadeo praise in Aramaic Blaze Yura Aine Tala and Maynard.

Who is the number one tiger that people just cant get enough of. Below is a list of other male tiger names perfect for your pet. Finding the best title or perfect name for a tiger should not be a challenge.

This list includes Hobbes Tigger and more characters. Top 20 Tiger Names. Tazara Thatcher Teigra Tucker Thackary Tokori Toshihiro Takahiro Takara Tatsuhiro Toygar Toshiharu Stats for the Name Tiger Tiger is currently not ranked on the Baby Names Popularity Charts.

Airlia meaning ethereal in Greek. Here are some names to consider. As aforementioned petting a tiger cub is one of the surrealist and enjoyable experiences ever.

Bandit With an African origin means Thief. Alain a Gaelic word for bright. Tigers have been featured in film and literature for many years so it would only be natural that our list would include our favorite tiger character names.

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